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Hey, I am Stella

I have a degree in Computer Science from the Universidade Federal do Tocantins and I have been working with technology for over 5 years.
I’m a web developer and software engineer. I’m also a full-stack developer, but I confess my hear is on front-end.
In front-end, I have experience with Angular, React, and obviously HTML, and CSS that I absolutely love.
My favorite back-end development language is Node.js, but I also have experience with .NET and PHP development.
If you want to know a little more, check my resume.
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These are my 3 last experiences

  • Thoughtworks
  • Current
    Software Development Consultant
  • Remote


    Software development consultant

    Working in projects for large companies like Lenovo and Telus

    Multicultural teams with team mates from many countries

    Lenovo Vantage

    Angular, .NET, Scrum, Jest, Cypress


    React, Node.js, Jest, and OpenShift for CI/CD

  • Edoo
  • 2020
    Software Engineer
  • Remote

    Tech Lead.

    Tools: Angular, Node.js

    Database: MySQL

    CI/CD: CircleCI

    Methodologies: Scrum and OKRs

    Driving technical strategy, making architectural decisions, providing some guidance to the business related to the project and doing documentations.

    Also developing, designing and maintaining the system.

  • CRP Tecnologia
  • 2018 2021
    Software Developer
  • Software Development and Outsourcing

    I worked for a while in the outsourcing team. During this time I had the opportunity to deal with many languages like: .NET, PHP, Angular and CMSs like Umbraco and WordPress.

    This was a great opportunity to grow as developer but I could never go deeper enough in any language.

    So I started in a project using Angular and Node.js and worked in this project for about 1 year.


Here a small list about some languages, frameworks and other tools have experience
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Node.js 0
React 0
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